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One Planet York

One Planet York starts from one central idea; we are consuming the resources of three planets when we only have one.

One Planet York is a growing network of organisations working to make York a more sustainable, resilient and collaborative ‘One Planet’ city. This includes creating a city which has a thriving local economy, strong communities and a sustainable way of life; a city where our residents are healthy, happy and prosperous. The vision has been endorsed by City of York Council and many other organisations, including the York Environmental Sustainability Institute and the Stockholm Environment Institute.

Through simple steps and working collaboratively we can all take action towards these goals. The One Planet York Prospectus 2016 showcases examples of city leadership across areas such as zero waste, zero carbon, land use and wildlife, sustainable transport, sustainable water, equity and local economy and health and wellbeing. Together these actions are helping put York onto a more sustainable and resilient footing.

For more information please visit One Planet York’s website

Published by: City of York Council

Date: 31st October 2016